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Icarus Communication Search Engine Optimisation

At Icarus SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial to brand positioning. Great content and imagery, user experience, flow and most up to date trends on website will help with conversions and a popular site as much as will the choice of site, its speed and effective linking.

Each tiny detail on SEO and modern websites look and appearance, functionality and mobile versions will also contribute messaging to conveying your brand is up to date, modern and technologically on trend. If you are asking people to invest or buy in to your brand online ought you not convey you are doing the same?

When your content is based on knowledge, engaging and trustworthy, others will then link to your site and your rankings will improve.

Moreover, it is likely users that engage with your content are more likely to convert to your brand. If you consider Google as an index and searching for trusted content, then the more your site will become valid in Google’s algorithm the more this trust increases.

Technical SEO has come across leaps and bounds and is now vital, like an engine room that needs continuous servicing. Without proper planning of keywords and original content not only can the read become a little disjointed but you could end up ranking for something totally unrelated to your brand or lack the technical structure to have a great website not tick any boxes to achieve rankings. How good would that be? Not so…

Content and design aside the minefield of technical SEO on site and structurally building and designing for SEO can come across as a black art. At Icarus we measure SEO and activity via complex software against your competition and match where you are at all times. We even use a brand mentioning tool and monitor any toxic backlinks, monitor your competitors on social media and evaluate top ranking content related to your business.

Would you like your brand to be seen in other countries or look at what works for you in the target market you are trying to reach? See how much traffic is really out there for elements of your business.

All of these measurable goals can have a big impact on your operation, and we have found over the years we have been practising SEO that it is often data like this can direct business goals and can often reveal insights into decisions about new products, content and realities in market.

For us good SEO is measured by the lightbulb moments and the journey of the brand. Our SEO techniques can measure client’s brands via keywords, location and devices. We believe in keeping it simple, but we are also working to achieve growth and get results for our clientele.

Owen WatersIcarus Communications Limited

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The reason SEO strategies fail is more than often lack of implementation. It’s not an SEO knowledge problem, it’s an SEO execution problem. At Icarus our team work with yours on flexible work-share programmes to make sure each month together selected targets are met, actioned and measured.

Owen WatersIcarus Communications Limited

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