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Consider logo’s, colours, fonts, content, imagery, style and messaging all part of your branding look and feel. There is an old saying in advertising, ‘you get what you advertise for and where you advertise will get you your type of customer’.

How you portray that, where and when will say a lot about your brand. The confidence in selecting good branding and direction comes from years of proven experience.

With good brand and design comes good Brand Positioning in conjunction with good SEO and marketing strategies.

That’s why at Icarus brand identity concepts in terms of their target audience or allure is crucial to creating brand but also to revamping or freshening for the modern look and feel.

It is not only a big part of what we do as a business but one of the most crucial and pivotal in relation to the rest of our marketing elements. A new website design or brochure weighs in heavily as part of branding or rebranding as much as content change and imagery, a new advertising campaign or direction.

Identifying where your brand will be placed and advertised is as crucial as variations of your brand logo or identity. That is all crucial market research applied to your brand.

At Icarus we are strong at branding and strong in design and content. With a wealth of experience in different markets that diversity has given us clear directions with our clients, always exceeding expectations. As your branding partner and designers our responsibilities are always to offer insights in market and give you fresh creative branding married with concise marketing data so we are always exploring capabilities and boundaries.

Here is an insight to the creative process we pressure test ourselves on when working with our brands. It will give some prompts to consider your own current branding or direction and the best part about new branding and design is it is great content and PR in itself. Elements like this can form cornerstone pages for your website design or marketing campaigns.

Here are 9 criteria for checking your brand and it’s positioning:


Does it currently differentiate your company from others?


Does it match customer perceptions of your company and service / business sector?


Will it enable growth, can the brand move from current look and feel?


Does the branding identify your company’s unique value to your core and new customers?


Is the branding memorable and motivating, will it work in chosen markets and channels?


Is the brand consistent in all areas of your business, will new branding impact those areas?


Is it easy to understand internally and externally?


Is your brand promise believable and credible, does it portray the value behind it?


Will it help you make more effective marketing and branding decisions?

Quite simply, brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. Brand positioning is also referred to as a positioning strategy, brand strategy, or a brand positioning statement.

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